Wireless Without Compromise

Legacy wireless has reached its limits. Using radio architectures developed in the 1990s, designers trade quality and bandwidth for lower power and latency, resulting in compromised products and poor customer satisfaction.

SPARK UWB enables no-compromise wireless

The SPARK SR1000 UWB IC family enables next generation wireless products with:

  • Data rate of up to 10 Mbps @ 1.5 nJ/bit
  • Unparalleled versatility: power consumption of 2 mW while transmitting and receiving at 1 Mbps, and scaling to 6 μW at 1 kbps
  • Ultra-short wireless latency (50 µs for 1 kb)
  • Time-of-flight positioning at 30 cm accuracy

Wireless Gaming Without Compromise

Bidirectional uncompressed audio with 3ms latency and 40 hour battery life.
Great lip sync, long-lasting battery. That’s wireless audio without compromise.

True 1 ms controller latency with uncompressed 5 ms latency audio support. Great gaming response times and lip synching of live videos, long-lasting battery.
That’s wireless gaming without compromise.

Wireless AR / VR Without Compromise

Improve responsiveness and reduce lag for the best wireless virtual reality. Eliminate battery belt packs and support real-time sensors and streaming feeds for high performance AR/VR.

Compressed full-HD streaming at 10mW and sub-ms controller latency. That’s wireless VR without compromise.


Wireless Positioning Without Compromise

Need ToF (time of flight) positioning without the high-power consumption and cost of current UWB solutions? Want to eliminate BLE wake-up radios in your power-limited ranging systems?

SPARK UWB provides positioning with sub-30cm accuracy and sub-mW power.
That’s wireless positioning without compromise.

Wireless IoT Without Compromise

6 μW at 1 kbps continuous streaming means multi-year battery life or battery-free sensors to feed your AI engines.

That’s IoT without compromise.

Wireless IoT


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