Applications overview

Traditional wireless standards are hitting a brick wall as demanding next generation applications push wireless connectivity to new levels. SPARK UWBs unique blend of low-latency, high-speed, interoperability, and ultra-low power communications for short range connectivity offers designers a solution to these demanding wireless connectivity problems.




HIGH DATA RATE: SPARK’s UWB technology provides robust high bandwidth communication essential for Extend Reality (XR), AR and VR applications.

ULTRA-LOW POWER: Our innovative ultra-low power wireless technology removes unnecessary battery bulk caused by other power-hungry wireless technologies. It also extends the user experience and reduces charge cycles.

REAL-TIME RESPONSE: It’s critical to provide high-speed responses to user inputs. SPARK UWB ultra-low latency and data robustness enables more immersive AR and VR experiences.




RESPONSIVE: Unlike traditional wireless technologies, SPARK UWB ultra-low latency enables responsiveness on par with wired controllers. Now gamers can enjoy freedom from wires without sacrificing their competitive edge.

EXTENDED PLAY: Our innovative ultra-low power technology beats the competition enabling longer play time and reduced charge time.

ROBUST: SPARK UWB technology does not compete for bandwidth or interfere with WiFi. It’s immune to multipath issues and allows for no compromise reliable data transfer.




HIGH FIDELITY: Offering higher data rates and better robustness than other short-range wireless solutions, SPARK UWB enables high fidelity uncompressed audio for a more immersive and premium audio experience.

ENHANCED AUDIO SYNC: The ultra-low latency of SPARK UWB allows users to enjoy faster discovery times for pairing and device switching, better audio sync when playing games or watching videos, and imperceivable delays on conference calls.

LONGER PLAYBACK: The ultra-low power operation of SPARK UWB means longer listening times and less charge time.




REAL-TIME DATA: With high data rate and ultra-low latency, SPARK UWB outperforms other short-range wireless technologies to enable faster delivery of critical data and commands.

EXTENDED BATTERY: Our innovative ultra-low power technology reduces the need to charge or replace batteries, making wireless IoT devices more practical and versatile.

LOCATION: Using Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging, SPARK UWB can measure the proximity of other devices.

ROBUST: SPARK UWB technology can operate in noisy environments and is immune to multipath issues.