In the Press

“Spark’s UWB chips transfer data at as fast as 20 megabits per second. That’s 10 times fast than  Bluetooth 5 at 2Mbps… At a 1Mbps connection, Spark’s UWB link uses 40 times less battery power than Bluetooth.”
RFID Journal
“The chip can be used for location data, utilizing time of flight positioning, with up to 30-centimeter (11.8-inch) location accuracy at 110 meters (361 feet). But it is primarily designed to transmit data, including sensor information, audio and video streaming. The system could be used with smart homes and buildings (for security, smart appliances and smart assistants) and with mobile devices (wearables, body-area networks and peripherals).”

“Communications link latency hampers the immersive user experience. Compared to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which typically has an airtime of a few milliseconds causing noticeable latency of tens of milliseconds, the SR1000 UWB transceiver can send 1 kb of data in only 50 µs.”

“The SR1000 transceiver series offers an extremely low latency symmetrical bi-directional data link coupled with ultra-low power consumption and provides high quality of service to support the uninterrupted low power and low latency streaming of data.”
EENews Analog
EENews Analog
“The SR10X0 family of transceivers is so energy efficient that it opens up the prospect of battery-less wireless sensors for use in IoT.”
“This will address the requirements of products like gaming peripherals and audio and AR/VR headsets, which would otherwise need to be wired to meet power and latency targets. It also addresses the power, latency and data streaming requirements of smart home devices and battery-less internet of things (IoT) sensors.”