SPARK Microsystems received the Defense Innovation Award

  • October 16, 2019


Defense Techconnect, October 7-10, 2019, Washington, DC

SPARK Microsystems received the 2019 Defense Innovation Award at TechConnect.

SPARK Microsystems technology offers many military applications such as:

  • The SPARK radio uses the UWB spectrum to provide far more inherent security to communications
  • EMI emissions that are orders of magnitude lower than other radios
  • Transmissions that are below the perceived noise floor of other radio’s receivers
  • Data packets using Frequency and Time Division difficult intercept
  • In addition, the SPARK radio provides 40x lower power and 60x lower latency over BLE
  • Dynamic spectrum allocations allow for an agile radio that can leverage several GHz of bandwidth to avoid interferers
  • Enabling either 6x battery life (ear buds) or battery-less sensors using energy harvesting (wrist monitor)

For more information about SPARK Microsystems technology for Defense applications, please contact us.