SPARK Microsystems Releases SDK for Simple, Fast UWB Application Development

  • June 22, 2022


Montreal, Canada | June 22, 2022 10:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation ultra-wideband (UWB), today announced the availability of its Software Development Kit 1.0 (SDK) for its SR1000 Series UWB transceivers. SPARK’s SDK can be used to simplify and accelerate development of high data rate, low power, and low latency UWB communication links for various applications. This software development kit uses SPARK’s Evaluation Kit (EVK) board as a reference hardware platform for code development and debugging.

The SPARK Software Development Kit includes a comprehensive set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate development of various software applications without requiring direct access and control of the UWB transceiver. Combined with various example application code included in the SDK, this enables more efficient development of new products using SPARK UWB communication technology.

“Release of the SPARK SDK 1.0 represents another milestone in our effort to proliferate our products using the unique SPARK UWB technology and support fast time to market for a wide range of customer applications.” said Frederic Nabki, Co-Founder and CTO, SPARK Microsystems.

The SPARK SDK is a collection of software development tools and examples in one comprehensive package for use by developers to create UWB-based products and applications. The SDK provides multiple simple and concise application examples to educate developers on using SPARK core libraries, such as the SPARK Wireless Core and the SPARK Audio Core, which bring additional functionality and accelerate development time. It also provides a board support package (BSP) that will enable developers to try the application examples on an already supported and tested hardware platform. In addition, SPARK’s SDK offers an effortless way for developers to experiment with SPARK technology by customizing existing applications and then testing and debugging code on SPARK’s EVK boards.

In booth 326 at Sensors Converge 2022, SPARK Microsystems will highlight the many advantages that UWB delivers for sensor applications compared to legacy short-range wireless platforms like Bluetooth. The company will demonstrate its new Wireless Sensor Kits (WSKs) based on the SDK. This extreme low power and compact reference module – just 40mm X 40mm – houses multiple sensors (optical, gyroscope, motion sensors/accelerometers) and leverages a SPARK SR1020 UWB transceiver for point-to-point sensor applications. This kit comes with software examples and necessary information for customers to design sensor modules specific to their own applications.

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SPARK Microsystems is a fabless semiconductor company that is leading the way towards ultra-low power wireless communications for consumer and IoT-connected devices. With its patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems is bringing to market a high-performance wireless transceiver that allows for orders of magnitude improved power consumption, latency and more accurate ranging and positioning, while providing higher data rates than competing technologies. ​For more information, please visit​

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