SPARK Microsystems to Showcase UWB Technology for IoT Applications at Sensors Converge 2024

  • May 31, 2024


Montreal, Canada and Santa Clara, CA, May 31, 2024 – SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation short-range wireless communications, will demonstrate its ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in booth #837 at Sensors Converge 2024. SPARK’s demos are centered on IoT applications, highlighting the high data rates, low latency and power efficiency benefits of UWB for short-range wireless communications. 

Demo Highlights:

Sensor Fusion – SPARK will present its advanced low-power tag, which consumes sub milliwatts of power. This tag seamlessly transmits real-time inertial measurements and biometric sensor data to a hub via SPARK’s UWB technology. The data is then displayed on a graphical user interface (GUI), updating instantly as the tag moves. This demonstration highlights the exceptional low latency, ultra-low power consumption, and real-time data transmission  essential for applications such as biomedical sensors, portable gas concentration meters, and VR systems – capabilities uniquely achievable through SPARK’s technology.

Wiegand harvesting battery-less demo – This demo, developed by our partner UBITO, features sensor innovations that transmit telemetry data to a hub through simple hand motions. This demonstration showcases SPARK’s capability to deliver ultra-low power connectivity for practical, real-world applications. The battery-less sensors innovation leverages SPARK technology to redefine standards of efficiency and functionality in telemetry data transmission, from a simple bicycle sensor to state-of-the-art monitoring systems for mining and industrial applications. 

Presence Detector – SPARK’s presence detector is designed for individual and asset tracking, access control, collision avoidance and proximity detection. This solution highlights ultra-low power consumption, affordability, and a sleek, compact design, setting a new standard for performance and efficiency.

Visit SPARK at booth #837 to experience our demos and learn more about the company and the capabilities of our UWB technology. Discover how SPARK is leading the way in low-power, high-throughput, and high-precision wireless communications.

About SPARK Microsystems
SPARK Microsystems develops next-generation short-range wireless communication devices. Its SPARK UWB technology provides high data rates and very low latency communication links with an ultra-low power profile, suitable for personal area networks (PANs) in mobile consumer and IoT-connected products. The company aims to minimize and eventually eliminate wires and batteries in various applications. For more information, please visit

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