The SPARK Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of software development tools and examples in one package. The SDK can be used by a developer to create his own products and applications. The SPARK Evaluation Kit (EVK) board is available as a reference hardware platform for code development and debugging.

The goals of the SDK are to:

  • Provide multiple simple and concise application examples that will help the developer to learn how to use SPARK core libraries such as the SPARK Wireless Core and the SPARK Audio Core.

  • Provide a board support package (BSP) that will enable the developer to try the application examples on an already supported and tested hardware platform.

  • Provide an effortless way for the developer to experiment with SPARK technology by customizing existing applications and by testing/debugging them on the EVK boards.

Once a developer is ready to develop on his own custom board and develop his own application, he can use one of the provided application examples as a starting point and the BSP implementation as a reference when porting the SDK.