The SPARK Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of software development tools and examples in one package. The SDK can be used by a user to create their own products and applications. The SPARK Evaluation Kit (EVK) board is available as a reference hardware platform for code development and debugging.

The goals of the SDK are to:

  • Provide multiple simple and concise application examples that will help the user learn to use SPARK core libraries such as the SPARK Wireless Core and the SPARK Audio Core.

  • Provide a board support package (BSP) that will enable the user to try the application examples on an already supported and tested hardware platform.

  • Provide an effortless way to experiment with SPARK technology by customizing existing applications and by testing/debugging them on the EVK boards.

Once a user is ready to develop on their own custom board and build their own applications, they can use one of the provided application examples as a starting point and the BSP implementation as a reference when porting the SDK.