Annex get_tick_quarter_ms Function Pointer

This function pointer is part of the swc_hal_t structure. It contains Wireless Core function pointers required to interact with microcontroller peripherals.

    uint64_t (*get_tick_quarter_ms)(void);  /*!< Get tick quarter ms function pointer */


This function returns a free running timer’s tick count. The optional Stop and Wait feature can use the timer tick count as a watchdog timer, telling the Wireless Core when it is time to move on and abort packet re-transmission efforts.

In the SDK, this is implemented by this EVK1.4 BSP function:

uint64_t evk_timer_get_free_running_tick_ms(void)

Free running timer with a tick of 1 ms.


Tick count.


If the user does not intend to use the Wireless Core Stop and Wait feature, it is required to create this function:

uint64_t no_tick_quarter_ms(void)
     return 0;

and pass it to the get_tick_quarter_ms function pointer.

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