SPARK Reference Platforms Help ODMs Like Primax Get Customers to Market Quickly with High-Performance UWB

  • May 6, 2024



It was a delight catching up with customers and gaming innovators behind the scenes at the recent Game Developers Conference. GDC is a great forum for developers and game makers to collaborate and cross-pollenate and it was a major success yet again this year. How successful? GDC hosted nearly 30,000 attendees for five full days. For SPARK, it afforded us another excellent opportunity to meet with some of gaming and esports’ foremost leaders. 

Gaming has been a hot topic lately – it certainly was at CES! For SPARK and our customers in the gaming/XR domain, CES was occasion to celebrate successful initiatives with companies like XPGiONE and others at the forefront of UWB adoption. At GDC, games and technologies previewed at CES made their exciting industry debuts within the developer community.

At events like CES and GDC, as well as throughout the gaming ecosystem, original design manufacturers (ODMs) play a crucial role. They are integral to the conversations that guide the evolution of the gaming market. Indeed, ODMs are essential for speeding the design, development, and production cycles for market brands of all sizes. Much of the value provided by ODMs comes from their ability to anticipate macro technology trends. They adopt these trends early to benefit their valued customers. This proactive approach accelerates customers’ time to market with the latest and greatest electronic devices.


Primax Electronics (Taiwan) is a shining example of the successful ODM model, routinely posting billions (NT) in monthly revenue and growing to almost 10,000 employees with a global footprint across Asia, America, Europe and elsewhere. Forty years of stellar business achievement is no small feat. Moreover, it is all the more impressive that Primax continuously defers the spotlight to its many customers in the consumer electronics domain. 

True to form, Primax was also among the first ODMs to immediately grasp the potential for SPARK UWB wireless connectivity, particularly in gaming applications. SPARK was honored to participate in Primax’s booth exhibition at CES 2024, where it showcased its next generation, UWB-based gaming hardware designs for enthusiastic crowds.

ODMs like Primax go out of their way to make onboarding advanced technologies like UWB smoother for customers. Likewise, SPARK is doing our part to help Primax and others get up to speed – quickly and cost effectively – with SPARK UWB gaming technology. 

SPARK’s Gaming Reference Platform is tailor made for the task. Therefore, it has quickly enabled Primax and others to take advantage of SPARK’s own design acumen to help bring their UWB gaming innovations to life. 

SPARK previously showcased our gaming reference designs and prototypes in a multi-part video series accessible over at SPARK’s YouTube channel.  More recently, we demonstrated our Gaming Reference Platform at CES 2024 – you can see it in action here

The CES demonstration features a gaming mouse that delivers polling rates of up to 8,000 samples per second. This mouse achieves a latency lower than 200 microseconds, which competing technologies simply can’t match. This is comparable to the optical sensor itself. In our SPARK UWB Gaming Mouse demonstration, you’ll witness the 8K Hz polling rate visualized in real time as the mouse changes position. This is made possible by the hardware reference platform.

SPARK UWB technology will be powering additional gaming peripherals as well – an ecosystem of gaming hardware devices. Furthermore, this will include extreme low latency gaming keyboards, mouse-keyboard combinations, and high-performance headsets with lossless audio quality. All these devices feature SPARK UWB’s extreme low power profile for longer uptime between charges. 


Primax vertically integrates software, hardware, and R&D to manufacturing—a one-stop-shop for the world’s premier brands. This is a lot of responsibility. So it’s SPARK’s responsibility to simplify the adaptation of designs for the incoming wave of UWB-based devices. This makes it easier for Primax and others to integrate these advancements. These devices break the performance barriers of legacy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Finally, SPARK offers robust, adaptable reference platforms and prototypes that gaming brands and ODMs can rely on. These tools are designed to elevate gaming to the next level. For more information or to request a SPARK UWB Gaming Reference Platform, contact us here.