The Story of Ultra-Wideband Part 6: The Secret Revealed

  • November 22, 2021



In the ongoing ‘Story of Ultra-Wideband’ as told through the (virtual) pages of SemiWiki, we’ve traced the foundational shifts in UWB’s evolutionary path over 100 years of innovation. Impulse radio, the precursor of UWB, debuted as a distress signal for the R.M.S. Titanic, portending challenging currents. A century later, the world’s largest technology powerhouses together are pouring billions of dollars into UWB technology.

For the most recent – but by no means final – chapter in the story, we invite you to read Part 6 of the Story of Ultra-Wideband, where UWB’s ‘killer apps’ are revealed in full.

There’s been drama, intrigue and suspense along the way, a comeback story with a thrilling climax. UWB has been on an odyssey to market ubiquity, with lots of twists and turns. It’s truly a technology story for the ages.

The team at SPARK Microsystems is honored to have played a key role in authoring the story of UWB – figuratively and literally – and we’re grateful to the team at SemiWiki for giving us this opportunity. As the history of UWB continues to unfold, we’ll continue chronicling its many milestones and chapters.

Watch this space while we make history.